Home Visits

These offer personalised sessions in the comfort of your home, tailoring treatments to your familiar environment and daily routine.

They are particularly helpful for those struggling to get out, or have limited mobility.

They offer good value for money to have a therapist right at your door, without facing the time and challenges of public transport with extra walking to get to the clinic when moving is difficult.

The first visit

The first visit is usually a little longer to ensure a comprehensive assessment identifies all the concerns and a treatment plan made to help address areas highlighted. It usually focusses around the different activities of daily living and the difficulties you have with these. We may be with you about an hour to an hour and a half depending on the complexities of your condition.


We also work closely with other agencies so we can signpost you to other areas that may benefit you, as well as help you navigate through local services.

We also have good working links with other exercise providers so if you would rather have a session in an alternative location such as the local pool or gym, this is no problem to arrange.

It may be that you don’t need a visit yourself but know someone struggling who may benefit from a visit. We are happy to discuss any individual cases to help you decide if Physi-fit Physiotherapy
would be beneficial.

So whether it’s for you or someone you are concerned about, get in touch and you could be on your way to moving better and more comfortably.

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