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At Physi-Fit we are passionate about helping you to understand your body and how you can move more easily and comfortably. Our clinic has been designed with this in mind so you can engage with specific models and pictures of the body to make sessions more interactive and engaging.

First appointments

First appointments should usually allow a minimum of an hour so you have plenty of time to understand what is going on and how we can help you to feel better. Light comfortable clothes that easily expose the area of concern are best. Shorts can be helpful if we need to look more closely at your lower back and legs but every effort is made to maintain your modesty at all times.

The comprehensive assessment will give our highly experienced therapists a full understanding of your symptoms as well as considering your lifestyle and the impact it plays in your condition.

What it entails

The physical examination will include looking at how you sit and stand to ensure you have a good foundation from which to move from. Where relevant it will also include looking at how you walk to determine the influence of forces as they travel up and down your body when your foot strikes the floor and your weight moves forwards. We may also examine you on our treatment couch to feel the joints in more detail.

Occasionally symptoms can be stirred up so we can understand what is going on, but any soreness that occurs from this should soon wear off within 48 hours.

Physiotherapy has it’s roots in the society of masseurs and so touch is at the heart of what we do.
We are also mindful that we will not be with you all the time, so whilst some of our treatment may be hands on to correct body alignment and smooth away muscle tension, some of it may be exercise based. This empowers you with tools to keep your symptoms at bay long after your sessions have finished, especially if they creep back in a few months once you have stopped doing the exercises and confident everything is fine!

So why put up with those nagging aches and pains? The chances are we can help.

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